Stretch Mark Removal



How do we treat your stretch marks? 

A stretch mark is a tear in the deeper layer of your skin. The stretch mark appears as a scar, because the collagen has broken down. During Stretch Mark Removal our laser gently treats the scar tissue with microbeams of light. The microbeams stimulate a natural healing response for new tissue growth over the affected area, while breaking down the stretch marks from within.

This all happens without harming the upper most layer of the skin and the surrounding healthy tissue is not affected, which makes this a comfortable treatment. So no anaesthetic is required.

Am I a suitable candidate? 

When you arrive for your consultation, we will do a complete medical history to see if you are suitable for treatment. We are able to significantly improve the appearance of new and older stretch marks.

How many sessions will I need?

To get optimal results, you will require 3-5 appointments, spaced every 4 weeks. This will depend on the location and severity of your stretch marks.

When will I see results?

Because the laser stimulates your body to repair your stretch marks, you will start to see an improvement after 4 weeks, which produces results that last. Your stretch marks will appear smoother in texture and tone (colour), meaning it will appear thinner and have a closer resemblance to your own skin.

Will my stretch marks disappear completely?

You will have a faint white line, where you stretch mark was. Our FDA approved laser can effectively reduce the appearance of your stretch marks between 51%-75%.

When can I return to my normal activities?

Stretch mark removal is a “no-downtime” procedure that requires no pain relief.  You can expect your skin to be pink where you had your treatment done. We would recommend wearing loose fitting clothing. You can return to your normal activies, immediately after your treatment. 





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