Holiday tattoo – what do I do?

Holiday tattoos

What do you do with THAT holiday tattoo. Holiday tattoos are just that – a holiday tattoo, tattoo regret, PicoSure laser tattoo removal , Derry, Northern Ireland tattoo done while in the holiday spirit –  in a moment of joy, freedom, happiness, madness… You will remember why you had it done😊

Some tattoos can be kept, while others…. Well… Sometimes reality kicks in the day after or when you arrive home and you realise that your tattoo, was not such a great idea and you regret what you had done.

We know you are panicking…..

Here is what you should do with your questionnable holiday tattoo..

  1. Stop… Yes we really mean stop. But don’t panic (more) because panic will make the tattoo thing a whole lot worse.
  2. Think…. Is it really that bad that you have to have it removed or could you get a cover up?
  3. Wait….. at least 6 weeks before doing anything more to your skin                     ….Use this time (6 weeks) to think some more and either contact a reputable tattoo artist if you are going for a cover up or a reputable clinic to remove your tattoo. Or maybe, just maybe your tattoo will be growing on you.

Why do you have to wait?

We know about the panic that sets in when you realise your holiday tattoo is not so cool. Reality kicks in big time, especially if it’s a tattoo that you are embarrassed about or the location on your body was not the best place where you could have had a tattoo.

What will your parents say? What will your mates say? Even though your skin looks healed on the top, a natural skin cycle is approximately 6 weeks and your skin is working pretty hard underneath, to restore itself. Have anything done too soon and you could end up with permanent scars.

What we would like you to know, is that we have heard and seen it all before. So there is no need to be embarrassed. We will give you advice on how and when to go ahead with treatment, if it is suitable.

So if you are one of those people wanting to have your tattoo removed, then contact us to arrange your free consultation and we will discuss all your options.








The Picosure laser is the newest and most effective in removing tattoos

The Picosure laser workstation is revolutionising the tattoo removal industry!

Picosure laser, UberSkin Derry, safe laser treatment for tattoo removal, acne scars, skin revitalisation and anti-wrinkle treatment, Northern Ireland

So you have a tattoo, which you now regret. What now? You are not so sure what to do or where to go. You know about laser tattoo removal, but the thought scares you. Or you had laser tattoo removal and you don’t think it’s working so well.

How do you know who to trust or which laser is the real deal? All lasers are NOT created equal. You might have heard of the Picosure laser, but what is it? All you know is, you are looking for a safe and fast way to remove your tattoo. Look no further than UberSkin. We offer you the Picosure laser.

Laser tattoo removal is by far the most effective way of getting rid of your tattoo, compared to creams, lotions and potions.Why? Because it breaks up your tattoo ink into bite size pieces, so your body can remove it through your lymphatic system.

But what is bite size? It makes sense that the smaller the particle size of your ink, the easier your body will be able to get rid of it.

Thats where the Picosure laser comes in. Older nano second lasers break up your ink into chunks. The Picosure laser blasts your tattoo ink into fine particles like grains of sand.  It’s so much easier for your body’s lymphatic system to remove a small particle of ink compared to pushing a huge chunk of ink through your system.

The Picosure laser workstation can remove your tattoos safely and efficiently without injuring the surrounding tissue.

If you are wondering about this type of treatment or would like to have a chat, contact us and we will be happy to help.



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