Laser hair removal is a faster, Laser clinic derry, laser hair removal, hair removal, uberskinmore comfortable and economical way to get rid of unwanted hair, compared to shaving, waxing, plucking or electrolysis.


How does hair removal work?

Our laser gradually breaks down hair follicles, and works well where there is a good contrast between the skin and hair colour. Hair growth is impaired by the heat applied to the follicle. The follicle is the root where your hair grows from. The light targets follicles in the growth phase and only 15-20% of follicles are in the growth phase at any given time. Most patients will therefore require 6 appointments to complete treatment. 

Treatment is spaced between 4-8 weeks, depending on the area of the body that is treated. Expect to ‘shed’ (no hoovering required;-) ) in between your laser hair removal sessions. You can shave and gently exfoliate in between your treatments, to maximise the removal of dead follicles and hair. 

Fact…. Laser hair removal is actually permanent hair reduction. Patients can get up to 20% regrowth, that is why we recommend a maintenance appointment after a few months. 


What our laser can and can not do…. 

* Our laser can safely treat all skin types

* Our laser (all lasers for that matter) is not suitable for grey, white or  blonde hair.

Laser hair removal ethnic skin, UberSkin laser Clinic DerryBenefits of having laser hair removal:

  • Safe treatment, if carried out correctly
  • Lasers can selectively remove unwanted hair, with no damage to surrounding skin, leaving you with… 
  • Smoother appearance of skin
  • Better presentation of your tattoo – consider having laser hair removal before having your tattoo done
  • Faster and more comfortable than electrolysis
  • Less bumps and ingrown hair


Hair Removal Price area per session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions =10% Discount
Consultation FreeFreeFree
Patch Test
Deducted from your first appointment
Very Small Area:
Lip • Chin • Fingers • Toes • Nipples
Small Area:
Underarms • Bikini line • Hands • Feet • Navel
Medium Area:
Half legs • Half arms • Brazilian • Hollywood • Buttocks
Large Area:
Full Chest • Full Back • Full Arms• Full Legs
*Combine areas and save
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Laser hair removal derry, laser clinic derry

* What patients say: My arms looked better after my laser hair removal appointment compared to when I wax it. 

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Laser hair removal works best on natural skin. Avoid the sun and sunbeds for 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after your appointment, to prevent unnecessary complications.

We do a patch test to determine the most appropriate setting so you can have the best results possible and get the best value for your money. At your consultation appointment, we need to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal.

Most patients require 6 sessions to remove hair from an area. Some respond realy well and require less, others may require 9 sessions.

Sometimes patients can have 20% regrowth the of hair in a treated area, therefore we recommend a maintenance appointment.


Laser hair removal can feel like a warm elastic band snapping onto your skin. We do cool the skin while doing your treatment, which makes the treatment more comfortable. 

We can treat dark(er) hair. The bigger the contrast between your own skin and your hair, the better the result. ”

Some hair can fall out immediately after the appointment, others can take up to 10 days to fall out.

Yes, our laser is safe to treat all skin types. So whether you have skin from African, Asian or European origin, as long as your hair is significantly darker, we can do a patch test to see how your skin responds.

Your skin will look normal or you may be red after your treatment. You could even have some lumps and bumps. These raised areas will usually disappear within a few hours after your appointment. 

Laser hair removal is is not suitable for white, grey or blonde hair

When you shave, the follicles of the hair remain under your skin. When you have laser hair removal, the black stippling will eventually disappear.