Project Description

UberSkin offers you PicoSure, the most advanced laser tattoo removal system, renowned for its fast, effective and consistent results.

PicoSure is safe. Our system works really well with blues, greens, blacks, greys, turquoise. Our new hand piece now tackles reds, oranges, pink as effectively as the blues and greens.

The PicoSure Advantage vs Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers

  • PicoSure’s patentedPressureWave(TM) technology breaks up your ink into smaller particles which facilitates your body’s natural ability to eliminate the ink
  • More ink is removed per session, which means greater clearance with each appointment
  • comfortable, no injury to surrounding tissue and Faster Recovery, because no heat is distributed into the soft tissue unlike older lasers, which only use heat to break up your ink.
  • Far fewer appointments
  • Effectively removes previously difficult colours like blues and greens
  • Very effective on recalcitrant tattoos (resistant tattoos that had 10 or more laser sessions, with residual ink is still visible) – our Boost Button works on even the most stubborn tattoos

Cost of Treatment 

  • Treatment starts from £65 / session.
  • Our price / session is a guide to the cost of our tattoo removal treatments
  • The cost of treatment is determined by tattoo size, density of ink and detailed patterns within your tattoo.
  • For example – a 10cm tattoo with only an outline, will cost less to remove than a 10cm tattoo with very dense ink & intricate detail.


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What kind of tattoos do we treat?

  • Amateur tattoos
  • Professional Tattoos
  • Traumatic tattoos
  • Radiation Mark Removal
  • Recalcitrant tattoos
  • Semi-permanent makeup – assessed on an individual basis