April 3, 2015 Dr Michelle Lyners

Acne Scarring – The emotional aspect

Acne scarring leaves emotional scars, as I recently discovered.

For years acne scarring has been a word I’d Acne scarring with PicoSurebeen familiar with, because lo and behold…. I did exactly what my mother told me NOT to do. Don’t pick your face! As a teenager you always know best, don’t you.

But I got a whole new understanding of acne scarring, when I started treating patients as part of my clinical training for the PicoSure laser.

The first question my potential patient asked was: How soon can I put my make up on?

This threw me for a second, since I thought the first question would be – ‘Is the treatment painful?’ Then it hit me: what I was calling acne scarring was NOTHING compared to the people who really had acne scarring, because I hardly wear any make up.

My conversations with these wonderful people were very emotional as I realised that make up was the first thing they thought about when they woke up in the morning. The first thing they thought about when going out. Literally the mask they got into before facing the world.

‘It’s not what I look like, but how I feel’ – really struck a chord.

Women, who I saw had beautiful skin, removed layers and layers of make up before I could treat them. They were still beautiful – I’m a firm believer that nothing on the outside can detract from someone’s beauty on the inside.

The stories associated with acne scarring are varied, but it has one common theme. It takes away a certain amount of confidence and the added confidence is literally ‘put on’ by a brush & palette of powder.

Acne scarring has whole new meaning to me. I have seen some wonderful results from the treatments I have carried out. Some people only need a few appointments, where others definitely need more.

I have to be honest, I have been forced to take on a different perspective – a perspective much deeper than any superficial ‘concerns’ I could have about my own skin.

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