So why are Indian Ink tattoos so easy to remove at UberSkin ?

What are Indian Ink tattoos? PicoSure removes Indian ink tattoos in 1-3 sessions

Indian Ink tattoos are done with a pot of ink, and needle and thread. I should probably say “were done”, because many of today’s kids probably wouldn’t recognise a pot of “quink”.

This Indian ink procedure usually happens over a kitchen table or in someone’s garage or quickly in science class, because the science teacher is looking away🙂. So as you can see it’s an amateur tattoo, which is placed very superficially in the skin. 

Due to the pure nature of these tattoos and where it’s done, the stories associated with it, are mostly very funny. There’s a quirky and secretive side to it, so not to be caught out.

Who has Indian ink tattoos?

I have to say I haven’t seen any patients in their twenties or even early 30’s who has requested a removal of an Indain ink tattoo. So I would say our patients, literally are in their late thirties right into their 70’s. 

Many of our older patients never knew they could have their Indian ink tattoo removed, yet it is a simple and virtually painless procedure to have it removed. One to three sessions, with a PicoSure Laser, usually does the trick.

How much pain does it cause to remove an Indian Ink tattoo?

Because the Indian Ink tattoo is very superficial in the skin, we can use a setting that is comfortable and because we cool the skin down, that’s what our patients feel – the cold. So you won’t have to be concerned that we’ll put grandma or grandpa through the wringer to get their Indian Ink tattoos off.

Our PicoSure laser is the most comfortable laser to have your tattoos removed. 

What’s the response to having the Indian Ink tattoo removed?

Our patients are usually pretty surprised to find that most of the ink is gone after their first treatment session and wondered why they took so long to remove it. 

To be honest, unless your grandma or grandpa is internet savvy, they probably won’t know that we can help them.  We do find that sometimes, it’s the children or granchildren that contact us on behalf of a parent or grandparent to help them achieve that goal.

When can we remove their Indian Ink tattoos?

Any time. So, it’s never too late to have an old Indian ink tattoo removed.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.