Laser tattoo removal and scarring are two things that do not UberSkin PicoSure tattoo removal, acne scar treatment, anti-wrinkle treatment, Derry, Northern Ireland
necessarily have to go together.Will laser tattoo removal scar my skin? A frequent question asked and very relevant at that.

Many of our patients, seeking laser tattoo removal do have visible scars under their tattoo. Equally we have patients who do not have any scars and want to be reassured of our laser tattoo removal process. They are rightly concerned that we may be causing more scarring when we remove their tattoo.


Laser tattoo removal and scarring – does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

Laser tattoo removal in itself, should not cause scarring, when the correct laser technology is used by qualified practitioners. We are fortunately able to assure you that our PicoSure laser does not cause scarring nor does it make scarring worse.

Equally we see many patients, who have been treated within medical facilities, with earlier generation q-switched lasers, who have no scars due to the clinic’s specialised laser technology and practitioner expertise.

Laser tattoo removal and scarring Why do patients have scars?

We are talking about visible scarring and not slight textural changes to the skin which can be associated with either having the tattoo done or removed. These are the most common causes of the scarring we see in our patients seeking treatment:

  1. Scarring associated with tattoo removal – laser, salabrasion, surgery
  2. Scarring associated with the time tattoo was done – very rare
  3. Scarring due to an injury

How to minimise the chance of scarring

What you can do:

  1. Seek out a registered and reputable laser clinic – laser clinics source their lasers from specialised medical laser companies
  2. Contact the clinic and ask questions about your treatment
  3. Follow the home care instructions your laser practitioner provides to protect your skin

What we do:

  1. We invested in PicoSure – one of the most advanced lasers currently available, which uses a PressureWave to break down your ink
  2. We do a patch test to determine the most appropriate setting for your treatment
  3. Our experienced clinicians are qualified and registered to provide laser tattoo removal
  4. We work in conjunction with other registered laser clinics, should you require a referral

If you have questions about laser tattoo removal or scarring associated with the procedure, give us a call on 07437377244 and we will do our best to help you.