Pigmentation treatment at UberSkin Laser Clinic

Pigmentation can be caused by several factors including the sun, hormones and medication. Pigmentation will therefore respond differently to different kinds of treatment.

The most common types of pigmentation we see, would be sun spots, also known as age spots and melasma.

So how can we treat the pigmentation?

We can use a combination of chemical peels, prescription products and lasers.

We use our PicoSure laser with its Focus Lens to treat pigmentation, including melasma. There is more pressure than heat as heat can cause melasma to become worse.

The burst of energy of the Focus Lens, breaks down pigment while simultaneously revitalising the skin, by stimulating collagen, elastin and mucin.

Sun damage and pigmentation treated at UberSkin laser Clinic

This is a lovely example of how we used our PicoSure laser to break down our patients’s pigment, while stimulating the skin to repair and regenerate. As you can see our patient’s skin tone and texture improved after 3 sessions of treatment.

Your first and most important step in preventing pigmentation due to sun damage, is to use a daily moisturiser with a built in SPF. A good mineral sunscreen will do the trick.

Pigmentation Treatment with PicoSure
PicoSure Pigmentation Treatment

This is another lovely treatment result achieved with a PicoSure laser. Our colleagues at The Richmond Skin and Laser Centre in Australia, kindly gave us their patient’s picture to share with you.

As you can see our PicoSure laser is ideal for all skin types and is safe and gentle enought to use, irrespective of age.

If you would like to see how our clinicians can help you, please feel free to contact us: hello@ uberskin.co.uk